Your property is a significant investment that comes with many responsibilities and legal requirements. It’s important to select an experienced management agent to help protect this investment, navigate through the legal and statutory obligations, and to partner with your strata council to ensure your living environment is enjoyable.

We hope our follow professional services give you the freedom to live the life you want without having to worry about your property.

Full management service:

1. Administrative Service

We provide complete administrative service to ensure the Strata Corporation meets all the requirements of the Strata Property Acts and advise the Strata Corporation on any legislative change that affects the Strata.

2. Collection of Strata Fees

On behalf of the Strata Corporation, we collect all strata fees, special levies, move-in/out charges, and other miscellaneous charges and deposit all funds collected into the Strata’s trust account, which is independent from ours as well as other Strata Corporations’ bank accounts.

3. Follow Up Delinquent Accounts

As directed by the Strata Council, we can follow up with the owner of a delinquent strata lot account, by registration of “Lien” or “Small Claims Action”.

4. Monthly Financial Statement

A financial statement, accurately recording the payables and receivables, and a comparison of budget and actual expense will be submitted each month to keep Council and owners fully informed of the Strata Corporation’s financial situation.

5. Budgeting

To work with the Strata Council to prepare a tailor-made, realistic budget and contingency reserve, to cater to all the building’s operations

6. Regular meeting

To organize and meet with Council on a regular basis, to review the Strata’s business and to prepare and distribute minutes of meetings.

7. On-site inspection

To visit the Strata Corporation's common property on a regular basis to ensure its cleanliness and upkeep, and to identify any area where repair/maintenance is needed.

8. Repair and maintenance

To solicit or obtain competitive quotations for all repairs and maintenance that are required, and to assist the strata to oversee the performance of the contractors.

9. Emergency service

An emergency response service can assist owners to deal with any urgent situations.

10. Insurance

We are able to offer you greater insurance coverage with lower deductibles and premiums, through our bulk-purchase relationship with the Insurance Agent.

11. Record keeping

We assist the Strata Corporation to keep all documents, minutes and financial records as required by the Strata Property Act.

Partial management services:

Self-managed Strata Corporations can turn to us for tailor-made services, as listed in the full management services. We will assist in setting up an on-going management plan for the Strata Corporation.